Forwarding you to the latest version of my website... E of this class is atropine or its belladonna, taken in the form of tincture of belladonna in a number of small drops. Sometimes one of the anticholineric group is combined with a general relaxer or tranquilizer (donnatal and librax are examples of these combinations). Antispasmodics, which act directly by blocking nervous impulses to the intestinal muscles, also give people considerable relief (bentyl is one medication). Bulk agents (like metamucil) may be helpful if dietary fiber and roughage do not relieve constipation. For those with disturbing amounts of diarrhea and cramps, several newer drugs, loperamide (imodium) and diphenoxylate (lomotil) are enjoying widespread use at present in reducing diarrhea: the first actually reduces the secretion of fluid by the intestine; the latter is related to codeine and contains atropine as well. They help by slowing down intestinal contractions. Much research at present is focusing on the relation of the brain and the gut in an attempt to understand how one can influence the other. Chemical substances, peptides (chains of amino acids, the building blocks of protein) of identical character are present in both organs, and researcher’s intuition is that they must in some way interact, so that our moods and our feelings are correlated with our bodily functions. Some doctors feel strongly that antidepressants or mood elevating drugs help their patients (elavil is an example of this class). Some people do not recognize that their basic mood is depression and, for them, antidepressants are very helpful. I am not dismissing the careful, limited use of these medicines to tide you over a rough period, but they should be used sparingly to avoid your becoming dependent on them. Handling stress whatever the theories about the ibs, your experience and mine convinces us that under certain circumstances, stress – whether physical or psychological – does affect your gastrointestinal tract. This may be no different for ibs than the bad effects stress has upon any other disorder of the body: arthritis, peptic ulcer, pneumonia, tuberculosis, and so on, but it is no less real or true. On the question of physical stress, you would agree that the proper mixture of work, play, and rest is important for good health, but no physician can write the correct prescription for you. You must solve this difficult equation yourself. But of one point i am convinced: we are born with the same neuromuscular apparatus of our ancestors who lived and evolved millions of years ago. They l. generic viagra online viagra for sale cheap viagra uk delivery viagra without a doctor prescription cheap generic viagra buy cheap viagra viagra online generic viagra buy cheap viagra lowest price on generic viagra viagra soft tabs online